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Jul 19, 2022

33 Best Crypto Twitter Accounts to Follow for Crypto News

The social media platform that’s most associated with the crypto space is Twitter. Many crypto traders say that cryptocurrency news was born on Twitter. This article will cover more about the main sources of crypto news, the potential pros and cons of following crypto Twitter accounts, and the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for staying current with crypto news on Twitter.

Where to Get Crypto News

While there are hundreds of individual sources for crypto news, they come in three main varieties. These are the three categories of crypto news sources.

Crypto News Sites

There are several well-known crypto news sites with content that’s written by crypto traders and experts. News sites are good places to learn about crypto and DeFi markets and how to make sense of numbers. Traders can learn about predictions for crypto markets, and how to use the information to make smarter investments. News sites are good places to find reliable information to track potential legislation, economic trends, market shifts and more.

Discord Servers

Discord servers are places where crypto traders and enthusiasts can discuss news, ideas and crypto projects. Many people who want to learn about or potentially invest in new crypto projects try to join their Discord servers. A lot of crypto project creators close their Discord servers prior to launching a project to help build hype. There are public Discord servers for crypto news and discussions as well.

Twitter Accounts

Twitter is one of the places where people can find the most current news about crypto markets, crypto projects and other updates. On Twitter, there are bite-sized portions of news because of how the platform limits word count per post. The structure of Twitter and the large presence of crypto project developers, enthusiasts and news sources on its social media platform make it a convenient place to find valuable information.

What Is Crypto Twitter?

Crypto Twitter is a term used to describe a niche social media community of crypto investors, developers, influencers, businesses, news sources and philosophers. People in the social media community share their thoughts, breaking news, developments and more via Twitter. 

Because crypto assets are volatile by nature, they garner speculation and discussions. Crypto has led to the development of an entire subculture. That subculture is a key reason why the social media community has developed, and continues to evolve. Today, Twitter is the main hub for crypto speculation, insights, news, exclusive NFT drops, memes, idea sharing and more. 

Crypto Twitter is also unique for its diversity. While many types of niche communities online are more exclusive, Twitter's crypto community is a place where people from all walks of life come together for a common interest. For example, it’s common to find people from different cultures, new investors with limited money and even wealthy celebrities interested in the same crypto assets or projects. Crypto Twitter has grown so much that there are also subcommunities for altcoins, types of NFT projects and more.

Pros and Cons of Following Crypto Twitter Accounts

Before delving into the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow, it’s important to understand the potential advantages and disadvantages of following crypto accounts on Twitter.

Pros of Following Crypto Twitter Accounts

Staying Updated

The main advantage of following Twitter accounts for crypto updates is having up-to-the-minute news and updates. For example, in comparison to news sites or Discord servers, you can learn news as soon as it’s posted. This is especially advantageous for exclusive or time-sensitive information. For instance, some crypto accounts post about giveaways or other freebies that can only be joined through Twitter for a short time.


Another benefit of following crypto-related Twitter accounts is the convenient structure of the platform, which allows investors and enthusiasts to learn more. Since posts are succinct, people often have more time to browse posts and learn bits of helpful information. Although some posts come with links to longer articles or blogs, the summaries of Twitter posts make it easy for followers to decide what they want to read, or what serves their needs. 

Exposure to Various Crypto Topics

Additionally, people who are part of this niche community serendipitously learn about other topics and developments. For example, someone following accounts for investing in currencies may also discover and learn about NFT communities and potential metaverse applications.

Cons of Following Crypto Twitter Accounts

There are a couple potential disadvantages to following crypto Twitter accounts. 

Higher Tendency for Emotional Investing

First, people can wind up spending too much time on the platform. When people spend too much time thinking about investments, overthinking or overanalyzing, they may make emotional decisions in purchasing. Also, there can be conflicting information because of the speculative nature of crypto. There are ways to avoid emotional investing, and every crypto trader must also learn how to balance research with speculation.

Potential Influence by the Wrong Crowd

Another possible disadvantage of following crypto Twitter accounts is the potential to be influenced by the wrong people. Crypto Twitter is a large space, and not all accounts that have crypto descriptions are reliable parts of the community. Trying to sort out the useful accounts without some guidance can be especially difficult for new investors. In this case, a good solution is to follow several of the best crypto Twitter accounts, generally those that belong to trusted, experienced experts and to pioneers of crypto innovations.

Best Crypto Twitter Accounts To Follow

These are the best recommended crypto Twitter accounts, along with their follower numbers as of July 2022, Twitter handles, and a brief summary of what makes each one valuable.

1. Andreas M. Antonopoulos (739.6K)

Andreas has brought considerable value to cryptocurrency ecosystems with his insights and expertise on Ethereum and Bitcoin, and has authored books on mastering both. As one of the biggest Bitcoin ambassadors, Andreas has one of the best crypto Twitter accounts for Bitcoin investors and enthusiasts. His weekly or bi-weekly information is valuable for both new and seasoned investors. 

The Twitter handle for Andreas is @aantonop.

2. Bybit (2M)

Bybit is known as the most reliable cryptocurrency exchange, often posting multiple times each day. The Twitter account for Bybit is a great place to find news, exclusive social media giveaways, crypto insights and much more for crypto enthusiasts and investors. In addition, followers who are new investors can easily access everything they need to know to start trading immediately on the Bybit platform. 

Bybit's Twitter handle is @Bybit_Official.

3. Anthony Pompliano (1.6M)

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano is a popular crypto icon. He’s especially known for his helpful weekly summaries of crypto news and for his newsletter, to which followers can subscribe. This seasoned investor has a background in social media and is the host of The Pomp Podcast. Anthony's account is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for crypto news, memes and entertaining anecdotes about life today. He posts daily, and includes information that’s useful to both experienced and new investors. 

Anthony's Twitter handle is @APompliano.

4. Erik Voorhees (599.7K)

Erik is one of the most well-known “cryptopreneurs” of all time. Long before most people had heard of Bitcoin, he was already involved in several developments. Today, he’s the CEO of the open-source crypto platform called ShapeShift, and he offers Twitter followers daily or bi-weekly posts with project launch updates, economic news and much more. 

Erik's Twitter handle is @ErikVoorhees.

5. Vitalik Buterin (4M)

Vitalik Buterin is the creator of Ethereum. Although not technically an influencer, he has a considerable following. Due to his intelligence and vast visionary capabilities, people listen when he has something to say. For investors who can understand and keep up with his depth of intellect, there’s profitable information to be gained about all aspects of crypto investing. While he generally posts or retweets information daily, he also replies to other posts often. Investors will find valuable information in his replies as well. 

Vitalik Buterin's Twitter handle is @VitalikButerin.

6. Ivan on Tech (385.8K)

Many people who prefer crypto content that’s deeply informative, educational and easy to understand are familiar with Ivan Liljeqvist's YouTube videos. The good news is that his Twitter account provides the same type of content every day. His is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for learning the technological aspects of everything in the world of crypto. He explains Web 3.0, blockchain, building digital currency projects and much more. 

His Twitter handle is @IvanOnTech.

7. Messari (262.7K)

This underappreciated account isn’t connected to just one individual. The entity known as Messari publishes unbiased, in-depth crypto news and information, which aligns with its mission of keeping crypto transparent. Followers who want to learn more about a topic or people in the world of crypto can also use Messari's site. Messari publishes an annual featuring vast research revolving around crypto trends, as well as multiple tweets posted every day. 

Messari's Twitter handle is @MessariCrypto.

8. The Crypto Dog (745.7K)

The Crypto Dog was one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin and was one of the pioneers in mining the currency in 2011. He joined the Twitter community in 2017 and now shares insights on investing, news and much more. While some of his posts are original, he retweets a lot of valuable information multiple times every day. For cryptopreneurs who are looking for mining insights and DeFi investing insights, this is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow. 

The Crypto Dog's Twitter handle is @TheCryptoDog.

9. Mike Dudas (120.8K)

Mike Dudas founded The Block. He’s the vice president of Paxos, as well as a successful crypto investor. Many people follow him for his knowledgeability and for the wide range of content he posts, which includes Web 3.0 and the metaverse in relation to crypto investing. In addition, he posts a lot of information about crypto markets, NFTs and DeFi, and retweets information multiple times each day. 

Mike's Twitter handle is @MDudas.

10. humble defi farmer (63.7K)

This account is owned by an influencer who’s both a crypto trader and a DeFi analyst. He’s especially known in the niche community for in-depth and accurate technical analyses of both DeFi and crypto markets. The opinions tend to be accurate, and he offers valuable insights. For anyone looking to become informed about DeFi and crypto market opinions, this is a must-follow account. Additionally, humble defi farmer posts daily (at minimum). 

humble defi farmer’s Twitter handle is @PaikCapital.

11. SushiSwap (223K)

SushiSwap is a popular DEX platform that produces one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for information about DeFi. There’s information for both new and experienced investors, and the content helps people better understand a broad range of important concepts or topics. The account posts daily. In addition to other content, users who invest in SushiSwap can find road map and other updates from the project. 

SushiSwap's Twitter handle is @SushiSwap.

12. Michael Saylor (2.6M)

Michael Saylor is the CEO of MicroStrategy, which was one of the first companies to invest treasury assets in Bitcoin. As a strong supporter of Bitcoin, Michael is an advocate who provides valuable information about Bitcoin in relation to digital investment strategies, standard currencies, digital gold and more. He’s such a strong advocate that people in the world of crypto often jokingly call him the CEO of Bitcoin. Michael posts every day — and sometimes multiple times per day. Follow his crypto Twitter account for important Bitcoin insights and news. 

Michael's Twitter handle is @Saylor.

13. Girl Gone Crypto (208.6K)

Everyone needs some humor to mix with the seriousness of life, and Girl Gone Crypto provides plenty of entertainment and fun ways to present news for crypto enthusiasts who like to laugh. Although she doesn’t focus on financial advice, she puts an insightful and entertaining spin on the news, developments and information that crypto investors or enthusiasts need to know. Additionally, she shares some educational commentaries about the latest crypto news. She retweets or posts every day. 

The Twitter handle for Girl Gone Crypto is @girlgone_crypto.

14. PlanB (1.8M)

PlanB created the stock-to-flow model, and is well-known in the world of crypto for his predictions and analyses.For anyone who learns well with graphs and charts, this is an excellent crypto Twitter account to follow. PlanB offers plenty of broad and detailed analyses on crypto markets. PlanB typically posts and retweets information multiple times every day, and his website has even more detailed pieces.

PlanB’s Twitter handle is @100trillionUSD.

15. Kenn Bosak (75.9K)

Kenn “Bro Bro” Bosak is one of the most well-known NFT influencers. His account provides daily news and information about NFTs, along with current information about NFT drops, upcoming projects and more. Kenn is also a podcast personality, and keeps his Twitter account just as fun as his podcasts. In addition, he often interacts with and replies to followers. 

Kenn's Twitter handle is @KennethBosak.

16. KALEO (527.6K)

KALEO is known among crypto enthusiasts as a respected trader who made $2 million per day. Because of his vast knowledge and expertise, he has a fast-growing following on Twitter. He posts multiple times per day with updates, news,analyses and insights about altcoins and Bitcoin. For traders looking for the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for altcoin market news, KALEO is a must-follow. 

His Twitter handle is @CryptoKaleo.

17. Will Clemente (650.5K)

Will entered the crypto Twitter community when he was still a teenager and started building a name for himself. Because of his insights and analyses for both on-chain and off-chain markets, he’s always gaining more followers. At only 20 years of age, Will is a lead insight analyst for Blockware Solutions and the host of the Blockware Intelligence Podcast. This bright young man shares daily insights that are valuable for both new and experienced investors. 

Will's Twitter handle is @WillClementeIII.

18. Bitcoin Archive (1.1M)

Bitcoin Archive is trusted and respected for its reliable news, consistency and useful commentary. Although its insights may seem like the work of a team, Bitcoin Archive is a one-person account run by its host, Archie. There are multiple updates every day with relevant information for anyone looking for the best crypto Twitter accounts for breaking Bitcoin news. 

Bitcoin Archive's Twitter handle is @BTC_Archive.

19. Lyn Alden (475.9K)

Lyn Alden has an impressive background in both engineering and finance. She has become a respected figure in the crypto Twitter community for her insights and investment strategies, which she backs up with professional, high-level research. Lyn is also the founder of Lyn Alden Investment Strategy, which focuses on a global macro overlay for fundamental investing. In addition to her Twitter account, she uses her newsletter and blog to help readers learn important insights and actionable ways to invest intelligently. She posts several updates every day with research, graphs and more. 

Lyn's Twitter handle is @LynAldenContact.

20. CryptoDiffer (298.8K)

CryptoDiffer is a media and news site based in Ukraine which posts multiple times a day. If you’re looking for updates on crypto projects, insights, events and more, you definitely have to give CryptoDiffer a follow. For more in-depth news, you can also head over to the CryptoDiffer site to take a look at the recaps of the AMAs that they do with reputable individuals from the crypto community (such as a Council Member from Bifrost, founders of DePocket and the CEO of CryptoDiffer is certainly one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for updates and crypto market reviews.

The Twitter handle for CryptoDiffer is @CryptoDiffer.

21. The Moon (1.1M)

Carl Runefelt, commonly known as The Moon on social media, is one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the crypto industry. He is the co-founder of Kasta, a payment app, and has appeared on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. He previously worked at a grocery store in Sweden, and only invested his money in physical gold and silver. But his life changed after he built his wealth through Bitcoin and other crypto assets. He also launched a YouTube channel, and has found joy in educating the public on crypto technical analysis. He tweets multiple times a day and also shares important news via his account, making it one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow. 

The Moon’s Twitter handle is @TheMoonCarl.

22. WendyO.eth (298.1K)

WendyO.eth has a YouTube channel that’s known for commentary, news and insights about crypto trading, as well as her perspective on crypto markets. A longtime crypto enthusiast, her content reflects her vast experience. Her active Twitter account posts daily about recent TA movements and more. On TikTok, she’s one of the top influencers for crypto. WendyO is also an excellent source for information about NFT projects and news. 

The Twitter handle for WendyO.eth is @CryptoWendyO.

23. Nic Carter (344.7K)

Nic is known for being a reliable source of information about Bitcoin. Today, it doesn’t take long to realize that there’s plenty of inaccurate information on the internet about crypto. One of the many reasons people trust and respect Nic is because he dissects misconceptions and explains them in ways that everyone can understand. He’s passionate about Bitcoin, and is a strong advocate for fairness. Nic can hold his own in discussion and helps educate people on the many advantages and potential of Bitcoin. For Bitcoin news enthusiasts, Nic's account is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for daily news and knowledge. 

Nic's Twitter handle is @nic__carter. [When typing in his Twitter handle manually to search, note that there are two consecutive underscores in the middle of it.]

24. Whale Alert (2.2M)

Most crypto enthusiasts and investors know that crypto whales play a big role in the crypto market. Any large transactions by these whales can influence the value of crypto assets and affect market sentiments. Whale Alert is a crypto whale tracker that sends out a tweet containing details of whales’ transactions, including price, coin used, and the origin and destination. 

If you want to stay up-to-date with the largest holders’ crypto activity in order to prepare yourself for any fluctuations in the market, Whale Alert is one the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow.

Whale Alert’s Twitter handle is @whale_alert.

25. Altcoin Gordon (429.3K)

Although Altcoin Gordon may look like a newcomer since his Twitter account only launched in 2021, he’s been buying and selling altcoins successfully since 2017. He’s known for his ability to spot altcoins with potential, buying low and selling high. Altcoin Gordon publishes frequent technical market analyses and has one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow for insights on altcoins, posting or retweeting information daily. 

His Twitter handle is @AltcoinGordon.

26. Jameson Lopp (405.2K)

Jameson is the creator of several crypto information websites, and is the cofounder and CTO of Casa, which is a Bitcoin storage provider. He posts multiple times daily on Twitter. Followers will find valuable insights on privacy, security, money and technology in relation to crypto. Also, Jameson posts inspiring quotes, advice and memes. As one of the original crypto enthusiasts, his experience makes for valuable insights and commentaries on crypto's place in finance, the technological changes in crypto and other content. 

Jameson's Twitter handle is @lopp.

27. Changpeng Zhao (6.6M)

Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, is the CEO of the well-known crypto exchange Binance. Many people in the crypto world call CZ the "Bill Gates of crypto" because of his efforts to move the industry forward, both socially and economically. CZ is known for his sociocultural and economic commentaries, and for valuable crypto insights. In addition to sharing his knowledge on Twitter, he attends many real-world events as a speaker. His crypto Twitter account is one of the best to follow for information about financial freedom, and the importance of decentralization in our society's future.

CZ posts or retweets information several times each day, and his Twitter handle is @cz_binance.

28. Alex Svanevik (115.7K)

Alex collects rare NFTs and is the CEO of Nansen, a leading crypto and NFT insight company. You can follow his crypto Twitter account for valuable insights into NFTs, as well as Ethereum-based coins and assets. Alex posts or retweets useful news daily. 

His Twitter handle is @ASvanevik.

29. OpenSea (1.8M)

OpenSea is the biggest marketplace for NFTs. This account is a must for crypto enthusiasts who invest in NFTs, or are considering doing so. For the latest news about NFT arrivals, developments and more, this is one of the best crypto Twitter accounts to follow. OpenSea posts daily content that helps investors discover NFT projects, artists and communities. 

OpenSea's Twitter handle is @opensea.

30. Ty Smith (21.4K)

Ty Smith is currently the CEO of a Web 3.0 marketing agency called Coinbound, He’s helped some of the most notable companies in the crypto industry grow, including eToro, MetaMask, Cosmos and others. “Cryptopreneurs” can glean valuable information from his crypto Twitter account. He’s also a host of The Crypto Marketing Podcast, sharing news, ideas, update and discussion about NFTs. His account is especially valuable to cryptopreneurs because he often suggests or discusses ideas that others are welcome to develop. Ty posts or retweets updates every few days, sometimes posting multiple times each day. 

His Twitter handle is @TyDanielSmith.

31. Mason Nystrom (31.6K)

Mason Nystrom is a research analyst for Messari, mentioned earlier as another good account to follow. Because he’s an analyst for a leading crypto research entity, his insights are trustworthy and helpful. Followers especially like the fact that Nystrom's tweets and posts are backed by thorough research into crypto’s evolution and historical context. He also shares news about Web 3.0, NFTs and DeFi, as well as current crypto market metrics that are helpful to new and experienced investors. Mason Nystrom posts every day, and often retweets other valuable information several times throughout the day. 

His Twitter handle is @masonnystrom.

32. Tone Vays (284K)

Before he started shifting his interest toward Bitcoin, Tone Vays worked on Wall Street for years. He’s a derivatives trader and analyst, and his insights on crypto news, digital security and evolving trends are respected in the crypto community. Additionally, he’s the founder of several securities and crypto events where he shares valuable advice. He usually posts every day, and retweets posts from the events he’s founded as well. 

Tone Vays’ Twitter handle is @ToneVays.

33. Joseph Lubin (287.3K)

Joseph Lubin is a cofounder of Ethereum and the founder of ConsenSys, a top blockchain software company. His crypto Twitter account features news about Ethereum-based tokens and projects being developed on the Ethereum blockchain. Anyone looking to better understand the complexities of Ethereum, the future of business as it relates to blockchain and any other Ethereum-based info can benefit from following Joseph Lubin. 

Lubin posts and retweets news every day, and his Twitter handle is @ethereumJoseph.

Should You Follow Crypto Twitter Accounts?

Absolutely. Every new and seasoned investor can benefit from following some of the best crypto Twitter accounts. However, it’s important to follow a variety of reliable accounts for different purposes. For example, traders who want to learn about cryptopreneurship will want to follow several trusted cryptopreneurs. Those who want to stay updated specifically about altcoins should follow experts on altcoin markets, and people who are devoted to Bitcoin have several BTC advocates to follow for diverse perspectives. 

Following other reliable accounts for news, commentaries and insights can help provide context and perspective, and will allow investors to make more well-informed decisions. Also, following a good mix of accounts can help investors learn about new developments that may potentially be useful. Investors can also follow any Twitter accounts for specific crypto projects or developers of interest to them.

Closing Thoughts

Finding and following the best crypto Twitter accounts is a good way to stay informed about crypto markets. However, crypto traders and crypto enthusiasts mustn’t let tweets replace diligent research, and reading full articles when necessary, in order to make important investment decisions. Crypto Twitter is an excellent resource with an active niche community to help you stay current on crypto projects, news, DeFi and more.