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Jul 29, 2022

How to Create a Ronin Wallet for Axie Infinity

If you’re interested in playing the Axie Infinity NFT game, you'll be tasked with creating a Ronin Wallet before you can begin. Ronin Wallet was designed specifically for the Axie Infinity game. It’s also compatible with additional NFT games on the Ronin blockchain. 

Once you gain access to the game, you can collect, breed and trade NFT characters known as Axies. To get started, here’s how to create the Ronin Wallet for Axie Infinity.

What Is a Ronin Wallet?

Ronin Wallet is a standard crypto wallet that's used with the Ronin network, which is an Ethereum sidechain. The wallet provides crypto holders with the opportunity to play Axie Infinity, a play-to-earn game.

Along with Axie Infinity, you can deploy the Ronin Wallet for certain decentralized apps (DApps) currently positioned on the Ronin blockchain. Anyone who holds a Ronin Wallet can log in directly to the Axie Infinity Marketplace to send NFTs and crypto assets without having to pay high gas fees.

At the moment, users can save Axie Infinity Shard (AXS), Smooth Love Potion (SLP), USDC and Wrapped Ether (wETH) in their accounts. AXS and SLP can be obtained in Axie Infinity by competing against other players and finishing daily missions.

How to Create a Ronin Wallet

You can get a Ronin Wallet via a smartphone app or a browser extension. The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The steps for creating a Ronin Wallet via a browser extension are detailed below.

Step 1: Download and install the Ronin Wallet browser extension on your Firefox or Chrome browser.

Step 2: Once it's downloaded, click on the Ronin Wallet icon. Then click on Get Started. You'll be able to view the settings for a Ronin Wallet. Now select the Let’s Get Set Up button.

Step 3: Choose a random combination of numbers, symbols and letters to form a strong and lengthy password for your Ronin Wallet. Select the Create Wallet option.

Step 4: Click on Reveal Seed Phrase, then write the words down. Store the seed phrase in a secure location, and don't share it with anyone. You may need it one day to recover your wallet.

Step 5: Click on Continue. Now you can use your Ronin Wallet.

Step 6: Select the Ronin Wallet extension whenever you want to open the wallet.

Once you’ve entered your wallet, you'll see your Ronin Wallet name and address. You must provide the Ronin address whenever you want to receive assets or deposit money into the wallet. In the Assets section, you can check your balance of existing NFT tokens. To look over your entire transaction history, select the Activities button.

Ronin Wallet is considered to be noncustodial, which means it's not possible for someone else to access your funds. If your private keys are stolen, destroyed or lost, no one will be able to get a hold of your account. Because of its noncustodial nature, you’d be wise to save your password in multiple locations in case something occurs to one document or storage area.

Create an Axie Infinity Account Using a Ronin Wallet

Now that you have a Ronin Wallet, you can make an Axie Infinity account. In order to do so, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Enter the Axie Marketplace before selecting the Login button.

Step 2: Choose the option that allows you to log in with your Ronin Wallet. Click on the Confirm button, which connects the Axie Infinity game to your wallet.

Step 3: Select a username, then click the Save button. To finish the process, add an email address and password to further protect your Axie Infinity account. After you've filled out the information, the account is ready.

How to Use the Ronin Wallet

Using the Ronin Wallet is simple and straightforward. Once your browser extension is installed and your Ronin Wallet set up, you can start using the wallet to receive AXS, wETH, SLP, Axies, Lunacian land plots and similar tokens that are accepted on the platform.

You can also use your wallet to enter the Axie Infinity Marketplace, which gives you the chance to purchase and sell any digital items related to Axie Infinity. Keep in mind these items are based on wrapped Ethereum.

Step 1: To purchase Axies, you need to switch from MetaMask to ETH. This measure ensures the ETH you use is wrapped within the Ronin Network.

Step 2: Open your Ronin Wallet and use its key to create a dashboard key for Axie Infinity

Step 3: Select Deposit to Ronin.

Step 4: When depositing assets into Ronin, copy your Ronin wallet address directly from your wallet and ensure that it starts with "ronin:."

Step 5: When the address is entered properly, you can select assets such as AXS, SLP and ETH.

Step 6: Choose the total amount of assets you want to transfer, then click Next. Now choose a gas fee to go forward with the transaction.

How to Buy ETH on Bybit

If you're looking to purchase ETH from Bybit on your mobile device, follow the steps below.

  • Download the app for Bybit from the Google Play store or Apple App Store

  • Register and verify your account

  • Select Buy Crypto, then click the Express button

  • Input the amount of assets you wish to purchase

  • Choose a payment service provider and input your card details

  • Make the payment

If you want to purchase ETH from your desktop computer: 

  • Register or log in to a Bybit account

  • Select Buy Crypto, then click the Express button

  • Input the amount of ETH you wish to buy

  • Select a funding method and process the payment 

  • To complete the purchase, verify your account

How to Transfer ETH to a Ronin Wallet Through Ronin Bridge

To transfer ETH to a Ronin Wallet, you’ll need to use Ronin Bridge — the Ethereum sidechain designed for easy transfers.

Step 1: Make sure you have a crypto wallet.

Step 2: Select the Wallet menu before choosing the Fiat and Spot sub-menu.

Step 3: Choose the ETH currency, then click Withdraw.

Step 4: Deposit your funds by entering the address of your external wallet.

Step 5: Select Network before choosing Ethereum ERC20.

Step 6: Review the details of your transaction, then select Withdraw.

Step 7: On the Ronin Bridge site, click Deposit. When you’re asked to connect your wallet, click Next.

Step 8: Input the details of your Ronin Wallet into the login field.

Step 9: Choose the asset you wish to deposit by selecting Assets.

Step 10: Click on Next and confirm the details you've entered. Tokens will then be bridged to your Ronin Wallet.

To create an Axie Infinity team, first you must purchase Axies with your Ronin Wallet.

How to Buy Axies

It's possible to purchase Axies from the Axie Marketplace where many different tokens are available. Choose the NFT you want to buy. You can also bid for Axies through an auction. Before you can make a purchase, there must be sufficient funds in your Ronin Wallet to cover it. If you have the necessary funds, all you need to do is confirm your purchase.

How to Make Transactions

Step 1: Enter your browser extension and select the Send button.

Step 2: Input a destination address, then choose an asset. It can be SLP, wETH or AXS. Enter the amount of funds you need and select Next.

Step 3: Confirm the transaction.

The Bottom Line

Now you have everything you need to create a Ronin Wallet and play Axie Infinity. The steps are easy to perform and will get you in the game quickly. As long as you have enough ETH in your wallet, making purchases and transactions should be simple and straightforward.